Prism 19.2 – The Worlds of Southeast Asian Chinese Literature

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Introduction: Worlds Built of Sand 

Carlos Rojas

Of Wind, Soil, and Water: On the Mesology of Sinophone/Xenophone Southeast Asian Literature 

David Der-wei Wang

Popular Literature in the Inter-imperial Space of Hong Kong and Singapore/Malaya 

Shuang Shen

Inter-imperial, Ecological Interpretations of the “Five Coolies” Myth in Penang and Medan 

Nicholas Y. H. Wong

Fluid Horizons: Oceanic Epistemologies and Sinophone Literature 

Nicolai Volland

Off-Center Articulations: Social Class, Postcolonial Singapore, and Reorienting Southeast Asian Chinese Literary Studies 

Cheow Thia Chan

Iridescent Corners: Sinophone Flash Fiction in Singapore 

Brian Bernards

Chinese-Language Memories under the Conflagration of War: On the Martyrdom of Chung Ling High School’s Teachers and Students 

Ko Chia-CianSun Pingyu

Why Does a Failed Revolution Also Need Fiction?: On the Mahua Genre of Failed Revolutionary Historical Fiction 

Ng Kim ChewPo-Hsi Chen

Counter-discourse: Strategies of Representing Ethnic Minorities in Sinophone Malaysian Literature 

Boon Eng Khor

Becoming Semi-wild: Colonial Legacies and Interspecies Intimacies in Zhang Guixing’s Rainforest Novels 

Carlos Rojas

Urban Life in Two 1920s Sino-Malay Poems 

Tom G. Hoogervorst

Ethnic Loyalty versus Spring Fancy: Gender and Southeast Asia in Hei Ying’s Fiction 

Josh Stenberg

Recreating the World in Twenty-First-Century Philippine Chinese Speculative Fiction 

Shirley O. Lua

Conclusion: States of Convergence 

Cheow Thia Chan

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