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Translatability/Transmediality: Chinese Poetry in/and the World

Prism 20.1 special issue “Translatability/Transmediality: Chinese Poetry in/and the World” is devoted to a wide range of discussion and investigation of how Chinese poetry (from antiquity to the present) interacts with the world via the crisscrossed routes of translation, dissemination, diaspora, mediation, transmission, reception, reincarnation, return, and so on. Contributors of the issue discuss the life or afterlife of Chinese poetry beyond the geographical boundary of China, and in so doing examine the politics and poetics of world literature.

Zoom Meeting: 852 7018 7236

Passcode: 593 906

October 7, 8 – 10 am PT / 11 am – 1 pm, ET / 11 pm – 1 am GMT +8

Session 1

Yunte Huang and Hangping Xu: Welcome and opening remarks

Haun Saussy: Ways of Reading Worlds in Chinese Poetry

Shengqing Wu: Lyrical Looking and World-Visions in Late Qing Poetry on Overseas Journeys

Xiaorong Li: Globalizing Chinese Sensual-Sentimental Lyricism: Zhou Shoujuan’s Xiangyan Conghua

Chris Song: Failures of Diplomatic Intents in Poetry Translation: On Thomas Francis Wade’s Chinese Translation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “A Psalm of Life”

Lucas Klein: Assimilation or Detention: Poetic Form and the Retranslation of the Angel Island Poems

October 8, 8 – 10 am PT / 11 am – 1 pm ET / 11 pm – 1 am GMT +8

Session 2

Michelle Yeh: The Russian Imaginary and Modern Chinese Poetry in Taiwan

Nick Admussen: The Poetry Turn: Writing Chinese Cultural Studies Between Empires

Cosima Bruno: Intersections, Interactions, Integrations: Chronological Entanglement of a Chinese Poem

Maghiel Crevel: China’s Battler Poetry and the Hypertranslatability of Zheng Xiaoqiong

Hangping Xu: Crossing the World to Sleep with You: Yu Xiuhua’s Poetry as Performance and its Cross-cultural Translatability

Jacob Edmond: Literature as Translation: Bei Dao beyond World Poetry

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