Prism 18.2 Special Issue Chinese Literature across the Borderlands

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Guested edited by David Der-wei Wang, Kyle Shermuk, and Miya Qiong Xie

Here is an excerpt of Professor David Wang’s introduction:

This special issue seeks to explore the shifting definitions of the borderland as a geopolitical space, a territorial gateway, a contact zone, a liminal terrain, a “state of exception,” and an imaginary portal. In eleven essays, this issue explores the intersection of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and ecological dynamics that inform the cartography of the Chinese borderland, from the Northeast to the Southwest, from Inner Mongolia to Tibet, and from Nanyang 南洋 (Southeast Asia) to Nanmei 南美 (Latin America). It reflects on the recent, interdisciplinary growth in understanding the characteristics of borders and frontiers, including migration and settlement, cultural hybridity, and transnationalism. It also examines the boundaries of literature as it manifests itself in multiple forms of media and mediation.

The cover art of Prism 18:2 is courtesy of David Wang’s own Chinese landscape ink painting.

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