Zong-qi Cai

Welcome to the home page of Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature, a biannual peer-reviewed journal published by Duke University Press for Lingnan University of Hong Kong. It is jointly sponsored by the Centre for Humanities Research and the Chinese Department of Lingnan University and the Forum on Chinese Poetic Culture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. 

Prism presents cutting-edge research on modern literary production, dissemination, and reception in as well as outside China. It also publishes works that study the shaping influence of traditional literature and culture on modern and contemporary China. Prism actively promotes scholarly investigations from interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, and encourages integration of theoretical inquiry with empirical research. It strives to foster in-depth dialogues between Western and Chinese literary theories in ways that illuminate the unique features of each as well as their shared insights into issues of universal interest.